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85% of our clients save  10-35% on their energy costs even if audited in the last 24 months

Your Cost?
“Only a small portion of  recovered savings”

Ask Yourself This…..

How much of your utility cost payables have been lost and/or directed away from your business?






Or More….

Jay Palmer

Let us save you some money

We are here to save you 1000’s of dollars on the utility bills which you are already paying. Our team has been in this business for more than 23 years and we have saved money for 80-95% of our clients.

What does it cost you? NOTHING
We audit your bills and save you money which can cover up our costs as well as put extra cash in your pocket. You can utilise this extra money to spend on your business expansion or whatever you have been planning to do for a long time.

Face It

What you don’t know, you just don’t know

Since 1996

Regulations and re-regulations of energy were making reducing industrial energy costs more complicated than it needed to be.

By working closely with clients and their utilities, solutions to short and long-term energy-saving problems are furected out, eliminating confusion and accelerating implementation.

The practice focuses on industrial comparison with experience in manufacturing, chemicals, process industries, as well as oil and gas.

Our focus is to drive down costs without upfront capital expense.


How do we do it?

Analysis and Recommendations

Isolate refunds you are entitled to

Research Rebates for you

Rate Clarification and total transparency

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